Our New Year Resolutions for 2021

It's that time of year again! 

New year, new resolutions. (Maybe the same, due to COVID-19.)

What are some of the aspirations and goals you have planned for this year? Feel free to share some your goals in the comment below, we would love to hear them!

In the meanwhile, we'll share our top 3 resolutions for this year. Before we do that, let's take a quick look at the meaning of the word - resolution. A resolution is just a firm decision to do something, or not. So, it's important that we just decide! Don't worry about "the how" just yet, but let's just make sure that we make a definitive choice on what we want to do.

Here's 3 of resolutions for 2021, and how we plan to tackle them.

Resolution #1: Get Clear Skin


Isn't that obvious? We are a skincare brand in the first place, and one of the reasons as to why we wanted to start our own brand. We wanted to know and have control with what we put on our body. We wanted a healthier alternative, and better products that were gentle on our skin. We wanted to understand the ingredients that were going into our products, and what benefits they would really have for our skin. 

Of course, we want to share that with you! That's why we created the brand, to have better options for ourselves, and for you!

Also throughout this year - insider tip - we are planning to come out with more products. These products alone definitely won't be enough to keep your skin as healthy as possible, but it is a start. There's also no such thing as a one size fits all within skincare products, everyone's skin is different. That's why we do our best to keep our products clean, and we are working on a variety of options to make sure there's something for everyone. So, keep an eye out for some new stuff in the up coming months!

Resolution #2: Make Healthier Food Choices

We need to take care of our body, both on the outside and the inside.

As most of you may know, healthier food choices goes hand-in-hand with achieving clear and healthy skin. If your skin is a little more acne-prone, maybe it's time to take a good look on what you're putting inside your body that might be causing you to break out. 

This doesn't mean completely cutting anything out. It's okay to once in a while devour that mouthwatering lava cake for dessert, or grab some McDonalds, because you're on a long drive and it's the only thing available. Moderation is key

That's why we said "make healthier food choices," not "completely cut out sugar" or "no more eating desserts" or whatnot. Our goal to choose healthy more often than not, so that once in a while we can enjoy that Krispy Kreme doughnut that we had yesterday.

Just remember, what we put into our bodies is just as important as what we put onto our bodies.

Resolution #3: Exercise Consistently

We do exercise, we get on a roll, but sometimes we take a break and then we forget.

So what we plan to do differently this year is: do smaller exercises and but more consistently. Consistency is very important, starting is one thing, but it's another to keep it going. 

This year, we plan do mini workouts, so that it's impossible to have a reason to skip. For example, if you set yourself to have a goal of just one push up a day, just one, no expectation of anything more, we can definitely agree it's something anyone can do. One sit-up a day or one squat a day. Whatever, you want, a goal so easy, you wouldn't need a reason to miss it. From there, if there are days we feel we can do a little more, then go for it - not because of obligation, but just because of will power. It's also a good little trick to work on your mental.

So we hope these 3 resolutions are something you can incorporate into yours. Let us know what other resolutions you may have in the comments below. We just might add it into ours!

Happy 2021 everyone!

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